Key Man Insurance

Life Insurance on the key person(s) in your business. This often is the owner or partners but can be anyone who plays a key role or is crucial to the operations of the business. This can be funded with term or cash value life insurance.

Peak Benefit Solutions Key Man Insurance

Private Banking

"The Private Banking Concept is a powerful way of thinking about and utilizing your money. It is not a product but a process, a program, a Concept. In life, you have been earning money, then making payments to others for their products. You make the money and then send it away to someone else, never to be seen again and certainly never to be used again. Instead, we want to use our money like a bank does. The bank uses its capital to make a loan and over time receives all the capital back, plus interest. Then they do it all over again. So why can’t we be the bank? We can capitalize our “bank” by placing money into a specific financial instrument. This Instrument allows us to still use the money. Even while we are using the money we are still getting: Guaranteed Growth – Earned Dividends – Tax Free Growth – Asset Protection – Generational Tax Free Wealth Transfer – No Market Risk – No Management Fees You won’t be the first to say to yourself “this is to good to be true” and “why haven’t I heard about this before?"
~Tim McPhee & Marcy Predmore, Private Banking Concepts

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Peak Benefit Solutions Private Banking

Fixed Index Annuities

A Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) is a tax deferred savings vehicle that eliminates downside risk while allowing for the opportunity to participate in upside market returns. If structured properly an FIA can help control financial market risk, protect the account holder in down markets and provide healthy increases in up markets. Fixed Index Annuities can be a solid retirement strategy to ensure the money is there when needed at retirement.

Peak Benefit Solutions Fixed Index Annuity (FIA)

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